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release time:2018-05-03

Introduction of knitted fabrics


The fabric formed by bending the yarns into loops and knit each other by knitting needles is called knitted fabric, and the knitted fabric is also divided into warp knitted fabric and weft knitted fabric.





Knitted fabrics

1, soft texture, moisture absorption, perspiration warm

2, excellent elasticity, wrinkle resistance and extensibility

3, high output, suitable for small batch production


The use of knitted fabrics

1. The garments made of knitted fabrics are comfortable to wear, conform to the body, and have no sense of restraint, and can fully reflect the human body curve. Suitable for clothing such as underwear, tights and sportswear.

2. After changing the structure and improving the dimensional stability, the knitted fabric can also be used as a jacket.

3, cloth can be woven into a fabric, cut, sewing made of a variety of knitwear.

4. Weave directly into fully formed or partially formed products such as socks, gloves, etc.

5. Cloth has also been widely used in industries such as industry, agriculture and health care. Such as dust filter cloth, oil, gas transmission high pressure pipe, construction safety nets, fishing nets, bandages and knee pads.


Classification of knitted fabrics

Knitted fabrics are divided into two types: hand-knitting and machine knitting. Knitting using hand-knitting needles has a long history, exquisite craftsmanship, flexible and changeable flowers, and has been widely spread and developed in the folk. Knitting is divided into weft-knitting and warp-knitting. The process of forming woven fabrics with yarns in warp and weft on various fabric structures is an important part of the textile industry. According to the type of raw materials used, it can be divided into cotton. Weaving, woolen weaving, silk weaving and hemp weaving, whose products are collectively referred to as woven fabrics.


Xiaobian tips

Although the use of knitted fabrics is very extensive, special attention must be paid to the disadvantages of knitted fabrics. The disadvantage is that it is easy to snag, and the size is more difficult to control.

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