Knit fabric fabric stretchability

release time:2018-05-03

Knitted fabrics have a good flexibility, which can greatly reduce the pleats, seams, and splicing of the design during the design of the model. In the second place, knitted fabrics can generally be shaped using the technique of pulling and pushing back. Generally, the elasticity of the fabric and the proper use of folds are used to process the curve suitable for the human body. Then the size of the stretch fabric knitted fabric will become an important basis for the design of the prototype.

The pattern of woven garments is generally larger than the area covered by the human body, and usually has a certain amount of looseness relative to the human body; however, the knitted fabrics are based on different fabric structures and generally have a particularly elastic knitted fabric. When the fabric design template is not loose, its template size can be the same size as the size of the body above, but also other dimensions that can be reduced considering the elasticity coefficient.


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